International Laser 2 Class Association
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The Class Association

When the class was launched, the builders paid the Laser Association to look after the Laser 2. Therefore Jeff Martin, Executive Secretary of the International Laser Class, also fulfilled this role for the Laser 2 class for many years. The same happened in North America, where the Regional Association still looks after both Laser and Laser 2.

However, on the international front it soon became clear that it was important for Laser 2 sailors to get involved in the Class. This started off fairly informally, and it was not until 1989 that this was formalised with a World Council being appointed. However, once formed, there were a series of developments happened in quick succession :

Things then remained fairly stable for a few years until 1996 when Sarah Mason handed over the Executive Secretary role and the International Office moved to the home of the President, Jeremy Atkins, who also took over as Secretary.