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New class rules come into force on March 1st 2001 with the following changes to the 1999 rules.

Rule 5. Identification on Sails
ISAF Racing Rule Appendix H shall apply except as detailed ...
Rule 8. Clothing, Equipment and Advertising
The Laser2 class shall operate under Category C of the ISAF Advertising Code.
Rule 13. Fittings and Shackles
(a) The mainsheet jamming device may now be tied to an existing fitting at the aft of the cockpit using a piece of line.
(l) The pins attaching the shrouds to the shroud plates may be replaced by fast pins
Rule 26. Miscellaneous
(b) A piece of shockcord may be tied between the forestay and the bow U-bolt to take up any slack in the forestay.
Numbers of rules 26.b & 26.c change to 26.c & 26.d respectively